Commercial agency services - finding the right business partner

Commercial agency services in Croatia

Finding the right business partner world-wide can sometimes be difficult. It is not always easy to find the right answers and poor judgements can lead to the loss of time, profit and to the unnecessary marketing expenses.
The search for business partner requires a significant amount of time as well as of the good knowledge of the internet marketing. We will find the right partner for you in Croatia and provide advisory service in your international business relations.
Based on pre-defined ideal profile of the business partner, we will find companies (agents, traders, buyers, production) who would potentialy be interested in cooperation with you.


Searching for appropriate contact person – manager or procurement chief
Neutrality by using the independent service provider already established at the market
Cutting costs by direct contacting of the potential business partners
Saving time by organization of appointments
Presentation of your products and services in Croatian language
Support with introduction into specifics of the local business conduct
Through close cooperation we will prepare you in detail for your target market